Royal Decree 750/2010:

Royal Decree 750/2010, of June 4, whereby the vehicle type approval procedures regulated   Engine and their trailers towed or self-propelled machines, agricultural vehicles and systems, parts and parts of such vehicles. Versión anterior.

Royal Decree 866/2010:

Royal Decree 866/2010, of July 2, on the handling of vehicles is regulated reforms.

Manual Reform:

Document prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade in collaboration with relevant bodies on ITV in the Autonomous Communities, which provides descriptions typified reforms, coding and documentation required for processing. This Manual will be available for consultation of applicants for reform in all ITV stations. The Manual will be updated when the definition of reform or regulatory criteria for vehicles is changed, both national and EU. Manual de Reformas anterior..

ITV Manual:

Procedural Manual Inspection ITV Stations

Workshop Certificate:

Workshop Model Certificate in accordance with Annex III of Royal Decree 866/2010.

European type approval in the area of Bus and Coach:

Lecture given by Mr. Agustin Gómez Pereira. Responsible Business Approvals Castrosúa SA

Practical Application Directive 2010/48 / EU and ISO 21069 in Spain:

Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez Martin, Technical Director of the Technical Area AECA-ITV, in this paper provides a preview of the Master Plan for the Implementation of the provisions of Directive 2010/48 / EU, from an eminently practical perspective.

Multiphase Industrial Vehicle Approval:

The President of the Association AECAT, Mr. Jorge Joaquín Fons Aznar, presents an eminently practical perspective Multiphase approval process of a commercial vehicle.