The individual approval is one of the options to put into circulation a new vehicle without registering. This option is found in Royal Decree 750/2010 of the 4th of June by which approval procedures for engine vehicles and their trailer, self-propelled machines, agricultural vehicles and parts of such vehicles are regulated.

For the processing of an individual approval of a completed vehicle, is necessary for the second phase manufacturer (bodybuilder) to meet certain requirements such as the following:

  1. Up to date in the Conformity of Production (COP).
  2. Possess all updated H Reports needed for the justification required for the completion of the vehicle, checking that the installed devices and the final measures are included in them.
  3. In the event that the manufacturer wants to sign its own Technical Data Sheets, it must also be registered in the Spanish National Register of Manufacturers and Authorized Signatures.

Once these prerequisites are met, there is some essential documentation to be submitted to the Technical Service or the manufacturer or his representative, consisting of:

  • The Partnership Agreement among manufacturers of the various phases involved in the bodywork or the "Substitute Report" issued by the first phase manufacturer.
  • The Data sheet type C (CoC) of the vehicle.
  • The Technical sheet of the transformed vehicle.
  • The Technical Report that protects such modification.
  • The Request for individual approval

Among the most common transformations in this field, we find open boxes trucks, isothermal and refrigerators. The role of the Technical Service is to ensure that the modification carried out on the vehicle is consistent with the documentation that will accompany the report, so that the approval authority grants the corresponding Unitarian password.